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Education Summit


Having high quality educational materials and informed educators has never been more important than now. While we cannot run the Summit with all the elements we had originally planned, The Education Summit committee is committed to ensuring that the Summit does happen this year. We will have a 2 hour format, held within Zoom. We will have strict schedules for talks so people can attend portions as able.

Education Summit talks will be focused on K-higher education teaching practices, important developments for the Python teaching community, impactful case studies, etc.


0:00-5:16: Welcoming and setup 5:16 -11:16: Opening remarks about the Education Summit 11:16-34:45: Introducing Friendly (André Roberge) 34:45-54:48: Learner Personas for Domain-Specific Data Science Educational Materials (Daniel Chen) 54:48-1:14:37: Practice makes perfect -- but what kind of practice? (Reuven M. Lerner) 1:14:37-1:37:12: From room to Zoom: Strategies and technologies for teaching Python workshops online (Marley Kalt)

Lightning talks: 1:37:12 - 1:46:41 Interdisciplinary Education case studies: applying Python to the Humanities, Social Sciences, & Arts (Chiin-Rui Tan) 1:46:41-1:53:28 Martian Math (Kirby Urner)

1:53:28-1:59:49: Closing


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