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Maintainers summit



Brian Douglas Getting Traction with GitHub Actions and Python

Cheuk Ting Ho Oops, I Did It Again! When Your Deploying CI Pipeline Is Broken

Juanita Gomez Spyder Says: Let's Get Millennial!

Kati Michel Bringing Pinax Back to Life

May Ireland Burnout: Identity & Emotion at Work

Melissa Weber Mendonça NumPy Newcomer's Hour: an Experiment on Community Building

Rose Judge Improve Your Git Commits in Two Easy Steps

Sumana Harihareswara Researching the Leadership Gap for Legacy Projects

Thibaud Colas Building Accessibility into Open Source Projects

SCHEDULE LIVE panel discussion "Funding open source work"

Alex Clark (Pillow)

Eunice Chendjou (Open Teams)

Gina Häußge (Octoprint)

Sumana Harihareswara (Changeset Consulting)

William Stein (SageMath)

Moderated by David Charboneau (Open Teams)

LIVE Q&A with the presenters of talks

Moderated by: Alexandre de Siqueira (Berkeley Institute for Data Science, scikit-image) and Inessa Pawson (Albus Code, NumPy)


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