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SUMMIT / Typing



Type Syntax Simplifications (Maggie Moss) 0:06

Validating JSON with TypedDict, trycast, and TypeForm (David Foster) 29:45

Type Variables for All (Pradeep Kumar Srinivasan) 54:20

Static Python: Types in Bytecode Compilation & Runtime (Carl Meyer) 1:25:16

Incremental Check in Pyre (Jia Chen) 1:50:55

Scaling Typeshed to 1000 Packages (Jukka Lehtosalo) 2:17:01

Catching Tensor Shape Errors Using the Type Checker (Pradeep Kumar Srinivasan, Matthew Rahtz) 2:43:06

Type Arithmetic (Alfonso CastaƱo) 3:11:10


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