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Trainers summit


The Python Virtual Training Summit seeks to present how community organizations, trainers, meetup groups, classrooms, and employers have facilitated Python training and mentorship to a virtual environment.

Virtual Training Summit talks will be focused on showcasing the strategies and methods that have been used over the past years to facilitate the formal and informal training needed in highly technical organizations. We are hoping to hear from groups that support aspects of training but may not see themselves within the education sphere.

Following the same time notation, the schedule is as follows:

+0:00 - 0:10: Welcoming and setup +0:10 - 0:30: Keynote: Virtual Teaching the New Way of Life (SherAaron (Sher!) Hurt) +0:30 - 0:45: Don't make these training mistakes! (Because I already did) (Reuven M. Lerner) +0:45 - 1:05: Coaching Junior Developers in a Remote World (Sebastiaan Zeeff) +1:05 - 1:25: Python Emergency Remote Teaching (Fernando Masanori) +1:25 - 1:45: Tools we need to teach project management (Sumana Harihareswara) +1:45 - 1:50: Lightning talks: Distilling Your Examples (Miki Tebeka) Computational Thinking for Creatives - Decoding Barriers to Entry (Tadeh Hakopian)


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